Microsoft Office 365 Overview

Dear All,

Office 365 package including following features:
  • Office Professional Plus
  • Exchange Online
  • SharePoint Online
  • Lync Online
Now let’s take overview of SharePoint Online:

Purpose: Creating sites to share documents and insights with colleagues, partners and customers.

My Sites: Manage and Share personal documents and insights.
  • Solve document version control problems.
  • Share personal information and professional expertise.
  • Follow colleagues through notes and activity feeds.
  • Set document-level permission to product sensitive personal content.
  • Access important document from anywhere.
Team Sites: keep terms in sync and manage important projects.
  • Enable real-time communication with colleague’s right from within SharePoint online.
  • Manage and share important documents to help teams work together efficiently.
  • Manage meeting notes, schedules with shared – calendars.
Intranet Site: keep updated company information and news.
  • Provision community discussion forums and share innovative ideas.
  • Alert employees to new and exciting development using blogs.
  • Search across your company for important documents and people.
Extranet Site: Share document security with partners and customers.
  • Document collaboration and management by providing a single place to share documents with customers and partners.
  • Provision wiki pages for customer and partner to find needful information.
  • Enable real time communication with customers and partner by SharePoint Online.
Web Sites: Market your business using simple public facing sites.
  • Designed for small business and professionals.
  • Update your content quickly and easily using familiar tools.
  • Allow customers to search for information easily on your site.
Hope it'll help you to understand the basic of SharePoint Online with Office 365.


How to get data from workflow association form

Hey Guys,

I’ve client requirement, in which I need to develop custom Workflow. Also need to display group names on Initiation form which has been entered in to Association form. So here I am going to share code snippets to get data from Association form and display in to Initiation Form.

Note: Both forms are ASPX pages.

To achieve this, need to write below code in Initiation Form load event.

string assignedGroups = string.Empty;

//open current web

SPWeb site = SPContext.Current.Web;

//get the list object

SPList lstdemo = site.Lists[“ListName”];

//get instance of workflow association

SPWorkflowAssociationCollection AssociationWFCollection = lstdemo.WorkflowAssociations;

if (AssociationWFCollection != null)


foreach (SPWorkflowAssociation wfassociation in AssociationWFCollection)


//assign workflow association data to the variable

assignedGroups = wfassociation.AssociationData;



That’s it. This was you can get data from AssociationForm to InitiationForm.